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Marathon WR attempt, the indoor DL circuit and could Centro be the heir to Farah's 5k throne?

What up running friends. I hope you guys are having some better luck with your weather then we are here in Newfoundland! I ran 114 miles last week with only 18 being outside, it's been brutal, but it's got to be done. I'll save my training recaps for when I start ramping it up and doing interesting workouts. I'm just trying to build some general fitness right now. Last week I did 8X1k on the indoor track with 2:30 recovery and went 3:04, 3:00, 3:01, 2:55, 2:57, 2:55, 2:49, 2:49 as well as a longer fundamental tempo outside just to get a good aerobic stimulus and make sure I had at least some lactate threshold strength in me. It was an 8 miler on my 1k road loop (I know, boring as hell but the only place with sound footing and not much traffic). It went well, I started off at around 5:45 pace and got down to running 5:10/15 for the last couple miles. It wasn't a super fast tempo or anything but it was really controlled and long enough that I'll get a decent stimulus from it. Anyway, like I said, once I start getting into some more specific stuff we will get the recaps going in more depth. In this post I'll talk about Bekele's record attempt tomorrow night and the quick turnaround he will have trying to run London as well, then we will chat briefly about this new indoor circuit and if it will encourage more of the big name mid distance guys to run indoors, then lastly we will look at if Centro could be the future of the 5k. Before I get into that good stuff, you may have noticed that the blog has been redone a little. As you've probably guessed I've decided to sign a new deal with Brooks Running. It has absolutely nothing to do with Saucony, they have been amazing and they took a chance on me when I was running like 32 high for 10k and had zero following whatsoever (Thanks JJ!! It's ironic you and your wife now roll in the Brooks Launch...I guess I'm just following in your footsteps dude! :) ). I'll be forever grateful for the support they gave me and who knows maybe in the future I'll run for them again, but right now this was the move for me to make. Brooks made me an amazing offer and the opportunity to run for them and lace up the same shoes and singlet as some of my favorite runners was a chance I couldn't pass up. I'll be at brooks sponsored races across the country this spring/summer and fall so I hope to meet with some of you guys when I'm there. As for Saucony, I can't say enough great things about them as a brand. They signed a couple new athletes that will for sure help promote and grow the brand like my boy Phil from Quebec who's a 2:20 marathoner and Emily Setleck, our National Half Marathon champ. So Saucony are in great hands and have some great things coming in 2017 (Look for their Ocean Wave series that will drop fall 2017!). But yeah at least for the next few years your boy is on Team Brooks and I couldn't be happier about it.

Will the Marathon WR fall tomorrow night in Dubai?

We now have Bekele's agent and coach Jos Hermens confirming the attempt and that Kenny is 100% healthy. If this is in fact the case, with the topography of the Dubai course and there being only 4 turns the only thing that could stop him is the heat as it's generally about 10 degrees hotter then Berlin at the start of this race, though they do set the runners off before sunrise. Kenny has requested 61:00 through the half, which I personally think is a little too quick, but the man has run 12:37, 26:17 and 2:03:03 so who am I to comment. That would be 23 seconds faster then anyone has split the half before in a marathon. He's got hired pacers guaranteed through 30k and they will continue as long as they can. (Getting that far takes 2:04 type of talent). So yeah, what do you guys think about this. I like that he's going for it, and fast times have been run here in the past. It's also worth noting on his other WR's he ran mostly alone and just hit splits. Without the thought of trying to win the race with a competitor breathing down his neck he's free to relax and try to run the splits with the least amount of energy expended. I personally think he's fit enough to go under 2:02:30 but I'm not sure if this is the place to do it. I like the idea of a little cooler temps and having another guy there right up until the end to push the pace if it starts to drop. With that said however Kipsang and Bekele left the WR out on the course last fall from 35-40k when they ran side by side trying to figure each other out. Either way, this is going to be a treat, and the fact that Bekele will come back and face a LOADED field in early April again in London means he's got his MOJO back and he wants to cement his legacy as the greatest distance runner of all time.

Thoughts on the new IAAF World Indoor Tour.

I spent some time reading about the indoor tour on the IAAF site and I really like the idea, the money they are offering is really good for indoors and it's not a long season like the outdoor Diamond League. I don't feel however, that it's enough to get guys like Kiprop, Makhloufi, Rudisha et all. But on the women's side, the girls already seem fond of indoors. We always see Dibaba attacking records and girls like Siffan Hasan and Kipyegon running both here in North America and overseas during the indoor season. I love this idea, generally without world indoors it can be slow from January until March with only a few big meets like Millrose and Birmingham but this gives the track fan some action to bridge the gap until people start chasing times at Stanford. Prediction; we see a sub 3:50 indoor mile this year and Dibaba breaks her indoor 1500m WR going under 3:55!

Could Centro be the 5k Olympic champ in 2020 

Now I know this seems like it's coming out of left field, and that Centro just won the Olympic Gold Medal in Rio this past summer but hear me out for a second. I feel like he's going to obviously stick with the 1500 this year at Worlds in London but with the next year, 2018 being an off year I have this sneaking suspicion that Alberto will have him run some 5km's and start the transition, maybe choosing to go for the double at worlds 2019. We know that Alberto is more of a longer distance coach and that he likes his athletes to have great range. Pair that with the fact that most of the recent 5000m world finals, with the exception of Rio have been utterly pedestrian. Worlds in 2015 was won in like 13:50 with a big last lap. Centro, at least in my estimation is the perfect tactician and can close like maybe 3 other men on the planet can. He's obviously doing a lot of aerobic work and he used to run and score for Oregon in the glory XC days when they had Rupp, Shadrak, Wheating, Puskedra and the gang. If memory serves he ran in Palo Alto in either 2014 or 15 and ran 13:20 looking like he was jogging. This is a move I'm really excited to see. When Mo moves to the roads full time after worlds this year it seems like Gold in the 5000 is there for the taking. The only guy who he might struggle with first going up to that event would be Iguider as he's also a beast in the 1500 with a 3:28 to his name as well as a sub 13. I don't really think Centro, at least early in the move up to the 5k, would do well in sub 13 races but with some time and work I think he could be a world beater at that event. His old man was, and as his tattoo reads "Like father like son".

Alright guys that's it for me. I'll be back to recap some indoors and Dubai next week. Thanks for stopping by. I've got the fire in the belly with my training so I'm excited to kick off this new year with some big mileage and some fast spring races. I hope all my homies are doing well, Michael Rochus keeps killing it with the Terminal Mile, the wolf, Jeff Costen seems to be grinding as usual based on some strava creeping (watch for that guy this spring.....PB's coming from the 5k to marathon in 2017!) and Zimak as well as Coffey took on the spicy heat of Huston. Don't worry fellas, you'll both go sub 2:20 next time out, take that to the bank, you are both the definition of legends.

Keep that chin down, hands high and let em' fly!

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