Saturday, 20 May 2017

Check in and a look at the outdoor season thus far.

Hey friends, how are things? My apologies for the long delay between posts, I'll elaborate on why I took a little hiatus later. My boy JJ got on me to post earlier this week so I can't let him down! Speaking of JJ, why don't we start with Vancouver in catching you all up with what's been going on. At the end of April, I went out west for the Sun Run. It was an amazing weekend as a whole but a very forgettable race. The main reason for going out was to see the LeanFit team and take part in their 15th anniversary celebration. It was such an amazing time getting to tour the facility, do a photo-shoot and record some video content. I can't say enough amazing things about this brand and the support they have given me. It goes far beyond sending me some products or bringing me out there for the race. It's the fact that they welcomed me into their family and ask my opinion on upcoming products. I hope to continue to help them out in an capacity I can. Thank you for everything you guys! Next on the list was getting to spend some time with Jeremiah, this guy has been such a mentor and friend to me ever since 2013. It was so great to spend some time with him, his amazing wife MJ and cute dog Tucker. I'm working on them to take a trip to Newfoundland this summer, it would be amazing to have them here and show them around the Island when the weather is nice! Guys, check those flights!!!! :). As for the race, what can you say, obviously I wasn't as fit as I wanted to be or thought I was, only doing 2 workouts on the roads and no tune up road race before hurt me but after coming through 5km in 15:46 I just felt really tired and couldn't do anything from there. JJ gave me some great advice when we were driving that evening which really resonated, I've got to get back to hurting hard in training and taking really short rest periods during my intervals. He had me in the best shape I've ever been doing that kind of training in 2015 and it led to PB's over 8k/10k and the half so I'm getting back to basics and I'm not going to race until I'm ready and am running 10k tempos in sub 32 on the roads (I'm also taking the mileage back a bit to 2015 levels). After the race I actaully ended up getting sick with a viral infection which was brutal, I'm feeling better now but it was lingering for a while. Anyways, enough about me, let's take a look at what's been going on in the Pro ranks. I'm going to do some quick hits with people who have been impressive thus far. Before we get into it, Shout out to my Brooks Teammate Lewis Kent on throwing down the fastest beer mile ever in Australia last weekend, I talked to Lewis today and he's been nursing a little injury as well which makes it all the more impressive, dude's a beast.

Who's looking good so far and some interesting spring story lines.

UTEP's Emmanuel Korir is a legit BEAST! - I guess the first thing that has been apparent this year outdoors is this freshman is the real deal, with 44.53 quarter mile chops this kid is going to be a star. UTEP is known for developing great long sprint/mid distance athletes but in Korir a star has been born. How he ran that 1:43, negatively split was absolutely crazy. Go back and watch the video of the final 120m. Where most of the time in 1:43 races you see guys treading water the last 60m he was powering home. He's definitely got another second or more in him this outdoor season if you get him in a spicy race.

Eliud Kipchoge and #Sub2 - So, that was something to watch. Did I like the commentary? Nope, bringing in Flanagan for her two cents or Paula? Absolutely not. Did we see an incredible run by the best marathoner to ever live? You bet we did. Kipchoge is seriously a once in a lifetime athlete. This is a guy who's run 3:33 for 1500m and 12:46 for 5000m. A world Sr. champ in the 5k while still a Jr, having taken down the greatest 1500m runner and 5000m runner in history. Now, some 14 years later he's running faster then any human was thought to be capable of over the marathon. I know he had pacers jumping in and out and that Tesla pace car had a massive sign to block the wind, but regardless that performance was, in my mind at least, worth 60-75 seconds better then Kimetto's WR. I think the biggest reason why is that he went out at 60:00 and didn't really die that bad, If you get him in Berlin, splitting 60:45-61:05, who knows what's possible. I think we are still years away from a legit sub 2 but Kipchoge can chop a hell of a lot off that current WR, that's for sure. Props Nike, most of the time your ridiculous but I enjoyed this "experiment".

Centro may not be ready for the longer stuff but he's ready to kill in the 15! - So, indoors Centro wanted to test the waters moving up with the 3k and 2mile. It didn't go well, neither did his 5000 at Payton Jordan where he didn't even win the slow heat in 13:48. However, we need to remember he's a pure miler, with a two year old 1:44 800m PR that could likely be updated. We saw a couple nights ago just how deadly his close is in that final 120 off the final bend at Oxy as he dusted O'Hare and Farah. Do I think he could win in an uber fast Monaco sub 3:30 race, no I don't, but championships are never that quick and Centro is a master tactician. I see this season going very well for him and anticipate some PB's over the mile and metric mile with the first coming next weekend at Pre!

The women's 800m is right where we left it last summer - In the first 800m contest of the season Caster Semena seemed to jog 600m before blowing the doors off the field with a 1:56 season opener followed by Olympic bronze medalist Wambui in 1:57 flat. We haven't seen Neonsaba yet but it's a safe bet to say your top 3 from Rio will remain on the podium come August in London....(I wasn't impressed with Dibaba's effort over the half mile, she's closed in 1:56.9, in a 1500 before, granted you get a running start but still, hopefully we see her in another one soon. Look for her assault on her sister's 5000m world record next weekend at Hayward Field.)

The women's steeple continues to be exciting and FAST - Between the likes of Jebet, Jepkemoi and Chepkoech already going between 9:00 and 9:01, you can expect fireworks again this year in the steeple. Where it's still an event in its infancy for women I expect the WR to be lowered again this year and more ladies taking it to higher and higher levels.

Mary Kaitany is unreal and should be officially recognized as the WR holder - What can you say about her performance in London, I would have never imagined someone going out that fast and not falling apart, to hang onto 2:17:01 with the splits she ran in that first half hurts my brain to even think about. I feel like that needs to be the WR because it's run in a women's only race. We saw how fast of a half the ladies ran earlier this year with a male pacing all the way til' the end and breaking the WR in sub 65. You get a huge benefit from having to shut the brain off and just follow someone, not to mention the benefits of drafting. It may end up being the WR regardless as there's be some chatter about whipping clear all records before 2004, but that's a topic for another day.

Anyway, I just wanted to jump on and give you guys a quick update to say I'm still alive and kicking! Training is going again and I had a nice session of 12X500m yesterday with my boy Mike. I'll blog regularly now as I'm back to my normal routine. Before I get out of here, shout out to my Brooks teammates who killed it at Oxy, Gabriela S. won her heat in the 1500m in 4:08, Jenna W. ran a 2:03 half mile and Devan W. ran a solid 2:08.

Alright, that's it for me, I'll attach a couple pics I've got on my laptop here from the LeanFit celebration and I'll post the rest of the ones I've got from BC next week.

Stay frosty,

"Gettin' the people goin'"

JJ killing the shoe game once again with Brooks out west! (I should have gotten a pic of his new wheels, he has such a slick Benz!)

The LeanFit team supporting Nick.

Lindsea and I in BC place.

You know how we do...motivate!!

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