Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Global Running Day!

Hey friends!

I'm getting this out before work so it's going to be short and sweet. Today is Global Running Day, and Brooks has some BIG NEWS to share with everyone!

Today Brooks USA, Canada and Europe is rolling out the largest endorsement deal in history. The brooks CEO, Jim Weber will be making this announcement at 10:30 eastern in NYC and is then making his way to Europe to do the same thing. Keep an eye on the social media feeds of the Brooks Elite athletes throughout the day as with the feeds of Brooks I.D. (Inspire Daily) Coaches.

So what exactly is this big news you ask? Well like I said, it's an endorsement deal. As you know, Brooks is not only about celebrities and superfast runners (Hugh Jackman does wear Brooks shoes though and so does Gabriela Stafford and Nick Symmonds), but our brand is about everyone who runs. Fast, slow, 800m, 5Ks, marathons, trail, road, male, female, running for a cause, no cause. You name it! Our brand is inclusive and this is why we’ll be endorsing every runner!  We believe that every runner deserves a chance to be a household name with all the bragging right.

A Canadian runner who signs up at starting on June 7th throughout the summer will receive in the mail:

-          CAD $1 cheque
-          Athlete’s code of conduct (English and French)
-          Brooks contract (English and French

Endorsed athletes will also have access to:

-          Training plans
-          First hand sneak peek to or upcoming new shoe, the Levitate!

(Check out this cool video - )

So yeah, this is going to be HUGE and I'm super pumped for people to sign up and get on board. If you want to know anything else you can leave a comment below this post and I'll make sure to respond.

For my Canadian readers if you are near any of these events I highly recommend you check them out.

Every runner who attends the below events will receive: a Brooks gold pen (for signing up) and Limited Edition Run Happy Trucker’s hat with any Brooks purchase.  

Events on Wednesday, June 7th (Run Club time):
-          Denman Running Room - BC
-          Westmount Running Room - QC
-          Brainsport- SK
-          The Tech Shop – AB
-          Strides Running – AB
-          Running Free – ON  

Events on Saturday, June 10th:
-          Le Courir Nordique – QC

OK, I think that's pretty much it. I'm going to write my weekly post this Saturday to talk about the Rome Diamond League (which Gabriela is running in BTW). I'll also outline some of the training I'm doing which has been going fantastic which I'm pumped about. I had a beauty session of 12X800m off 1' yesterday. It wasn't all out, more 8k goal pace as the rest was short and I had a ton of volume worth of intervals. The average was right around 2:24/25 but feeling super chill up until number 9 when I started getting a little tired, I jogged 200m during the recoveries. Back to the JJ training principles of running hard, a little less volume overall but plenty in terms of intervals off very short rest. Am I suffering? You betcha' but I'm also starting to feel a lot better, my easy days are starting to be a little spicy and things are clicking.

Also, keep an eye out for this guy around BC! I hear he sometimes serves pancakes when doing demos! As you can tell it's not JJ's first rodeo! The guy knows what we runners like! Looking good pal! (He may be spotted with a furry friend named Tucker or his wife Maria)!

Alright folks I'm out! have an amazing Global Running Day!

Keep those sticks on the ice,

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