Sunday, 30 July 2017

Ten mile PB, fall 2017, we comin' son.

We did it, I finally ran a respectable time at the Tely. I knew I was fit, (One day doing a 3X2mile workout and was going sub 5's feeling comfortable, I knew I was ready to go and in sub 15 5km shape). But doing it on Tely day was another thing. So in this post, I'll keep things short and talk about how the Tely played out and what some temporary fall plans are and then Tuesday or Wednesday break down the middle, distance and marathon at the world champs. I really feel like this is going to be both memorable and a special worlds as it'll be the last time we see 2 off this generations greatest athletes and personalities running on the oval. Usain, has cemented his legacy as a legend and the greatest of all time. I'd love to see him in the 200 but I totally get why he's sticking with the 100 only this time around. And then Mo Farah, a guy who began his dominance just as I got into the sport myself in 2011 and I've got tremendous respect for, and always say we need to put in the GOAT convo. I saw a stat saying his last 15 DL appearances he's won 14 of and the one time we saw him lose, he was second and treated for a fairly serious bug, confirmed by other athletes post race. I won't get carried away with this talk here, but I'll write a dedicated post early this coming week talking about the WC's. (I get upset when much more weight is put on WR performances than global tittles. And, yes I'll submit he has looked pretty horrible on the cross country courses and beatable on the roads but to go undefeated on the track at global champs since the 10k in 2011 is beyond crazy, throw a 3:28 metric mile, 59 mid half, and 2:08 marathon....let's get real, that's dominance in your mid 30's.)

Tely 10 2017.

So yeah, the training had been fantastic in the lead up. The Mews 8km tune up felt really easy and smooth so JJ said go for the 51:30 and I knew he had me ready based on the tempos I'd ran. Hence why I said last post, under any conditions I'd run that. I ended up with an official 51:22 which was like a 90 second PB. When the gun went off I saw Colin and Matt take it out hard, and I knew, if they ran to their fitness they showed in Ottawa, coming top 7 at the national 10km champs I wasn't ready to go with them after a sub 50. I chilled and ran a 5:12 for the first mile which is uphill and got the time back on the 2ed which comes back down going 4:58. At that point, I didn't really know why I was in 5th. I had put over a minute on Mark Greene just 2 weeks before in the final 5km of the Mews and he came rolling past me to catch Grant Handrigan, who I knew was pretty fit as he'd gone 31 minutes in Vancouver and has a 51 Tely PB. I figured he and I would be side by side for most of the race. By the 3rd mile which is a slight uphill again, I ran a 5:09, passed Mark and got up to Grant, got side by side with him and we ran the next 2 miles together. I was talking to him at every mile split and giving him our splits. After the downhill 5th mile in 4:58 and passing 5 miles in 25:17 I mentioned the split and he sped up. At that point, I sat off him and kept the effort steady on the flat 6th mile going 5:08 and passing 10km in 31:34. At the uphill start of the 8th mile I saw he was starting to come back and pushed to catch back up and offered some encouragement to stay on it as we were looking at 51 low and Matt had fallen off Colin. I ran the uphill 8th mile in 5:24 and stopped hearing footsteps so I figured I was on my own at that point and got the pace back down to 5:14 on the 9th mile and started pushing the pace as I knew I'd be under 52 as long as I ran like 5:35. I went 4:58 on the last one feeling great and came over the line looking ridiculous celebrating 3rd place, which my parents captioned beautifully on film. (Note, don't by your Dad an IPhone! :p). Anyway, I was really happy, I've struggled for form at the Tely and didn't run well in the spring but am finally feeling fit and strong.

Fall Plans.

So I'll have a chat with JJ early this week. We talked briefly after the race and a 67 half is definitely one of the top goals on the list, we know I'm ready for a 67 high right now and I'll be happy to run that and lower my PB. But our provincial record is 67:22 which who knows, might be something I can take a crack at with 2 months of good training but maybe that's too big of a jump from 68:47. We will see how training goes and make the call when it comes time to get after it. I've committed to the 5km champs where I'll want to go under 15 and a trip to Vancouver again to see my peeps out west with the family and run the Eastside 10k. I'll be honest, the provincial marathon record is on my mind as well, but I'm wondering if stretching myself too thin in training and running distances from the 5km to the full this fall is smart. I'll have to decide for sure on a fast 5km through half and nail those sub 15, sub 31 and sub 68 will be the best goal or sub 68 and 2:24:17 marathon is the better option. I'll talk to JJ and I really do think he will be able to best guide what I do and where we go. The last 5-6 weeks have gone perfectly and I don't want to fool up how great I've felt and miss out on any times.

So yeah, that's all for now. I started coaching my fall clinic late last week. (Also jumped into a 2X25' M paced workout as I got excited and jumpy after trying to take a full week off) But we have the head strait again, goals in the works, family and friends doing great so it's time to get the fall training going.

Like I said, I'll do a full post on world champs early next week. Shout Out to the trackie boys for the thread after the Tely. Always an honor fellas! Everyone on those boards is a strait beauty!

Stay hungry,

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