Friday, 29 September 2017

Marathon GOAT, Chicago thoughts & training updates.

Hey friends, how are things? My apologies on the delay between posts/updates. Life is a lot busier right now then it's been in the past and though training hasn't been compromised I simply haven't had the time to sit down and write a blog post that's worth reading. With work, my run clinic, family and trying some new strength stuff in the gym I've been up to my eyes but I'm hoping now things will slow down a little, or at the very lease I'll try to carve out an hour each week to get a quick post up. Even with things going a hundred miles an hour I must say my love for running is likely stronger than ever. I think it's the combination of great coaching and advice from JJ that has allowed me to strike a balance between training hard but then leaving it on the roads and not procrastinating over it any other time of the day. That advice has been so valuable and has me not only running very well but being productive in all aspects of life, I know I'll have a text msg from Jeremiah when I get back to my car after the workout, we analyze it, he tells me about what's new on the west coast and how he's killing the game with Solo J Sales and life moves on. Speaking of the west coast, I'm heading up there for a little vacation on October 9th and look forward to seeing some friends and getting some runs in when I'm there so reach out if your game for some miles or to just kick it and eat some of the best Sushi in the country! Anyway, I'll get into a few things below and like I said, I'll make a conscious effort to get more frequent posts up as we get into October and beyond.

Berlin Marathon and the Marathon Goat.

Well Berlin may not have produced a new WR with the wet conditions but that was a barn burner ladies and gentlemen. Who the heck is Guye Adola and how have I not heard of a guy who pushed Eliud Kipchoge to the edge of his abilities in his debut over the distance? When I was reading some of the press releases, break downs and "expert analysis" I figured it wouldn't be close and that what we would end up with was a finish similar to the London Marathon of 2015 when Kipsang and Kipchoge were side by side at 24 miles and Eliude dropped a 4:24 to break away in devastating fashion. Now I know that Bekele is always a wildcard, but when he said he was at 90% I figured there would be a chance he would DNF. But Wilson Kipsang had looked amazing this year in Tokyo and had run his last two marathon in an average time of something like 2:03:30. So, needless to say when he stepped off at 30km after taking his fluids on board I didn't know what was going on. Then when the announcers started talking about Adola having 59:13 credentials I figured he might stick around until 35, but never did I think he would try (and succeed) to open a gap on Kipchoge. Those last 7km were amazing to watch and I truly hope Adola is guided and handled in the right manner moving forward so he's not just a star that burns bright for a year or two, but one that has staying power. I always thought GK (Kamwroro) would be the future of the marathon when he made the permanent move to the distance and would eventually hold the WR, but he may have some company as the next generation over 26.2. In the end however, Eliud did as Eliud does.....he wins and when you saw the slight smirk on his face after a 2:51km split from 40-41 we knew the GOAT of marathoning had Adola's number. The record he has posted is simply unreal and despite 9 marathons (including his Sub2 attempt), he doesn't seem any worse for wear. In a lot of cases you see guys knock out a few unreal performances like Geoffrey Mutai but then you see a very harsh decline, the same holds true for Kimetto, but with Eliud he shows time and time again that his simple lifestyle of diligent training and attention to detail pay dividends as he always comes out on top and with fast times. Let's hope we see him line up in either Dubai or London and lower that WR which is the only thing missing from an otherwise unrivaled marathon resume.  

Chicago Marathon

The next stop in the fall season of the world marathon majors. Now, on paper you have some fast guys, but the top two on the list, Kimetto and Stanley Biwott aren't the 2:02/2:03 guys they once were in my mind. So I don't see them being factors at all in this race. That leaves 4 contenders and a whole lot of pretenders. The 4 to keep an eye on are Olympic Silver medalist, Fayisa Lilesa, Bronze medalist, Galen Rupp, two time world champ and 2012 Olympic Silver medalist Abel Kirui and (I may get flack for saying this) Zersenay Tedese. Now, I say Tedese because I think the Sub2 attempt really helped him, he had no success in the marathon before that but managed a 2:06 going out at WR pace, also in the build up he ran a half in 59:47 looking smooth so that's my thinking for having him up there with the other 3.

Now, if all of these guys had perfect prep I'd put my money on Lilesa, he's looked great over the last 2 years and beat Rupp in Rio, but from what I've read he hasn't had a perfect build and he's been jumping from location to location with him not returning home after his political protest in 2016. It's that reason why I'm taking Rupp for the win here, I was on the fence about it but JJ also likes Rupp and with Tedese still being an unknown in a tactical marathon and Kirui being very hit or miss despite training under the legendary Renato Canova I'll take Rupp for 1st followed by Lilesa and Tedese. (Also keep an eye out for Ezekiel Chebii, he had a big breakthrough in 2016 going 2:06 flat in Amsterdam)

My training

Things are clicking along nicely for me. As you know I ran the MTL Rock and Roll half last weekend in the craziest heat I've ever experienced, and that includes having run a 5km in Florida in July before. At 7:30 the temperature was 30 degrees with 100% humidity and feeling like 39. The organizers cancelled the marathon and put all the elites in the half (The 5km was won in 17 and the 10km in 35). At the start I spoke to Phil Viau-Dupuis and he told me the the last time he ran the course he went 69 mid and later that fall ran 67:22 and a 2:20 marathon so even on the best day with the hills after you leave the island it's a tough one. So after hearing that I figured we were all in for a rough day and that I should find someone to work with and keep Phil and Emmanuel Boisvert (30:12 for 10000m in June) in my sights and hope for the best. After the first mile I settled in with Jacques-Sylvain Lecointre who's a great athlete (31:44 in hot conditions in Ottawa this May and training for a sub 2:25 marathon). We worked together well and came through 10km in 33:30, about 30 seconds back from Phil and Manny, from there we took turns leading and stayed side by side until I luckily pulled away at 19km going up the hills. I ended up finishing in 72 minutes which granted is pretty slow, was a great placing as Phil and Manny were 71 and Jacques came in 73. I've still got almost 4 weeks until Scotia and plan on hitting a 10km here on October 8th. It's generally a great race and Colin Fewer will likely be there and should help drag me to a 30:XX as he's always good for that kind of time. So yeah, the goal is to keep working away and take things one day at a time.

SunGod Sunglasses

Before I let you guys go I want to mention a cool, innovative company called SunGod. They make amazing glasses. I've been rocking the Renegades from them all summer. What makes them so unique is that you can customize everything from the frame, lenses to the logos. What's most amazing is that they are literally "life proof". They can be put in your backpack, thrown in your car or stuffed in your pocket and they bend but don't break. They also have great polarized 4k lenses that have amazing views. Here's the link to their site so you can check it out If you do decide to purchase a pair you can use the code DFREAKE20 for 20% off, they ship to Canada super quickly. I received two pairs within about 3 days. Here are the individual links to all their frames/models. I'll attach some pictures below, but for runners I'd suggest the PaceBreakers, but if your looking for something casual the polarized Renegades are superb.

Here are the specific links and a picture of the PaceBreakers;




OK Guys, that's it for me, I'll make sure to update after my next race and keep you all in the loop, this is going to be a great fall. Scotiabank is going to be unreal this year with so much depth in the half and full marathons. I'm especially looking forward to seeing Josh Bolton's full debut, Paul Rochus in the half, Jeff Costen, Aaron Cooper, John Mason, Trevor Hoffbauer and Rob Winslow all running the full. Look for all of those guys to run lights out, it's going to be spicy and a fun weekend all around.

Stay frosty,


  1. "Eliud he shows time and time again that his simple lifestyle of diligent training and attention to detail pay dividends as he always comes out on top and with fast times."

    Totally agree, Dave, and I would add three other qualities of his that complete the "perfect runner" package:

    1) incredible mental strength -- and that includes when NOT to panic and increase effort (as we saw in Berlin)
    2) tremendous track/speed pedigree -- starting with his audacious 5000m in the Paris WC all those years ago, his list of track bests is amazing, thought it is interesting that he's never attacked the 10000m with much vigour, though that may be a function of that event's decline
    3) his incredible running efficiency. I hesitate to use the word "form" because sometimes that is overrated, but just with EK's fluidity and ease is a treat.

  2. Meant say in 3) that "...watching EK's fluidity and ease is a treat."

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