Monday, 30 April 2018

We made it! 6 days out from the Toronto Marathon.

Well, the hay is in the barn as they say, I've survived training for a spring marathon in Newfoundland which if I'm honest was a great winter for running. 90% of my running was done outdoors so the body is definitely callused. The taper is in full effect and at this point it's about coasting on in and trying to capitalize on the marathon fitness and aerobic strength I've gained these past 16 weeks. The longest workout I did was 4 weeks out which was a classic I've seen my bud Jeff Costen do before his two very strong marathon showings which was 80 minutes at Marathon pace. Now I didn't turn it into a 26 mile run or anything, but I did a 10 minute warm up and 15 minute cool down before and after. The average of the 80 minutes was 5:34/mile which was pretty close to what I wanted, I would have liked 5:30 but I also didn't want to force it. On that day I was rather fresh as I'd registered for a local 5km but the winds were so bad I decided against racing and did the workout the next day. Recovery from that one took until about Friday when I was finally able to do another session of in and out miles. So yeah, I mean the race is Sunday, so I have to get out there an execute, one thing I learned last year is that any weakness will be exposed tenfold in a marathon. I can get into 69 minute half marathon shape pretty easily with good mileage and threshold runs but I know to run 68's I need to be firing well and 67, I have to pretty much do everything right, hence why I haven't run a 67 yet I suspect. But in the marathon, even a relative performance to a 69 half which is around 2:24/2:25 I can't half ass it like I've sometimes done in half training. I feel confident in the work I've done and especially the mileage, as since January 1st, even with down weeks the average mileage per week has been 136.3 so I hope that serves me well to fight off skeletal muscular breakdown at the end of the race. Anyway, I'm going to chat a bit about Boston and London then get out of here. I'm super busy with my Tely 10 clinic that kicked off last Tuesday so it's taking up a lot of time, but has been such a rewarding experience and I can't wait to help these great runners chase their running goals.

Boston 2018

What can be said about this race, it scared me to the point that I made a backup plan for my own race and made sure I could switch to the half if the weather is bad and could get bottles in Ottawa for that marathon at the end of May. (Thankfully the weather looks great for my race this Sunday). Regardless, I've never seen conditions like that before. Now, I'm not someone who is particularly excited to do Boston to begin with, maybe when I'm old and want to hit up all the majors, for now while I'm in my physical prime and able to continue to run PB's I'll stick to the fastest courses I can find. This did make me feel even more that way, but the respect I have for each and everyone who finished that day is immense. More importantly, how much of a legend is Yuki Kawauchi, man.....that guy, from the gun he made it honest. While we are on this topic, who were those clowns on the live-stream doing color commentary? They basically laughed at Yuki's first mile split and after his 5km said he was just looking for TV time and would end up and I quote "carry a piano the last 10km", how about you get educated on the sport you are supposed to be a "pundit" on, The guy has run 2:08 3 times and more sub 2:10's then most Americans combined. (I believe he has like 14). If you want proper commentary Boston, please get the best in the business, Tim Hutchings or Tony Revis, thank you. (Sorry for the rant). Anyway, yeah, Yuki man, what a beast, he bit down on the mouth piece and kept his foot on the gas the whole time, even when he got dropped, more importantly even when he took the lead, he put like 3 minutes on Kirui over the final 2-3 miles. Respect are a true guts runner! Also, we can't talk Boston without talking about Desi, good things happen to those who work hard, pay their dues and do things right without shortcuts. In better conditions girls with the quick PR's might have been able to run away from here out front but when it came down to who had the most heart and put thousands of miles in during bad conditions (winters in Michigan are notoriously hard), Desi rose to the top. Feel good story lines all around coming out of Boston! <3

London Marathon

Well that did not disappoint hey, as London never does. The only issue I had which was talked about at length on the forums was the pacing. I mean you'd think with the money they spend on athletes aperance fees they could get the pacers to really dial things in. I think 61:00 at halfway would have been fine had it been run clicking off 14:20/5km and not going out in 13:48. At that point you know the WR isn't going down and your more watching for just how bad is the carnage going to be. Same goes for the woman's race, what's wrong with going out like Paula did and negative splitting? We knew Mary had the wheels to make up time late, she'd run 64:5X for a half early in the year, why not go out in 68:00 and come back in 67:20? Who knows, I'm just getting greedy now, as both races were amazing to watch. I don't know how Eliud keeps knocking race after race out of the park and turning away contender after contender. Be it perennial studs like Kipsang, Bekele et all or upcoming studs like Tola Kitata in London and Guy Adola last fall in Berlin, the man is a dream crusher. I pray we get to see a perfect weather day in Berlin, no doubt with good pacing he can take 45 or more seconds off that record which has stood too long given the talent pool we have in the men's marathon right now. Lastly, Mo Farah......that was a very good sign, he was able to absorb a suicidal first 10km and still escape with a 2:06, there was no way he could have touched Kipchoge but had he gone with the group that was supposed to form running 61:45 we have to think he had 2:04 high or 2:05 low in his legs. I'm excited to continue to watch his progression, he seems to be all in and accepting that it'll take time to get good at the event.

Well I guess that's it. All that I've got left is a mini workout/refresher workout of 2X2miles at marathon pace with 2' float between so I'll hit that one tomorrow and cruise into Toronto. I was desperate to get a road race in before the Marathon and with the wind being so crazy for the 5km I had originally planned to do my only option was a local 5km here yesterday. I was willing to run as fast as 15:30 to win but was hoping I could get away with maybe something as slow as 16:30. I wanted to get the nervousness out and my road racing instincts sharp before the marathon so I didn't get a big adrenaline rush on the start line and go out at 5:15 a mile rather than 5:30. I saw the Dan MacDonald had registered and ran 16:10 the previous week at the Montreal 5km and there were a couple of young track kids like Evan and Erik knight in the field who'd run sub 2 for 800 and 4:09 for 1500 at Canada games last summer but so long as nobody named Fewer was on the starting line I'd be able to dictate proceedings. I waved the boys on to take the lead early and just ran with them, it was windy so I didn't feel right drafting and got side by side and at least did my own work. We walked the first mile in like 5:18, sped up a bit on the next one to 5:10 and I decided to wind it up a little to see how everyone was feeling from there, we dropped Dan by 4km but Evan hung tough so I waited until 500 to go and just kicked it in from there to put about 8 seconds on him for 16 flat. Unfortunately I couldn't stay to chat with everyone as I had to lead my run clinic on their long run but I hear it was a great post race reception and overall the event was put off amazingly as always. I'd be interested to see how quickly I'll run a 5km on the roads this year when I get back to speed stuff, that was a bad day and it felt like jogging, the last time I ran there I was 15:30 and my fitness between now and then which was two years ago has improved tremendously so I'll definitely target a fast 5km on the roads at some point this year to go sub 15 on NL soil.

Anyway, I'll write a blog post on my plane ride home with a marathon post race recap. I'll attach a few pics below. If you guys want to follow me on sporstats I'm bib 1. Thanks for reading and I'll catch you next time,

Stay frosty,

Race start, waiving the boys to go on.

New Brooks Hansons Pro Kit I mentioned last time, couldn't break it out until Desi and Shadrack debuted it in Boston.

Teamed with only the best, Proactive Physio, if your in NL they are the best in town. (I should get a fresh pic up for them with a Brooks Singlet on :) )

I've been rocking these new Brooks Chariot Ultra Suede kicks lately, love em.

Demo days with Supplement King, if your around there tell em your boy sent you and they will give you at least 15% off!

Joggin lap one of the 5km with Ed Sheeran! (Evan Knight, super talented kid!!)

Kicking it in the last 500m.