Thursday, 6 December 2018

Long overdue update.

Hey friends, how are things? It's been way too long. I tried to sit down and write this several times over the last five months but it was too depressing, not being able to run when it's something you've hardly missed a day doing in 8 years, it's hard on the head. So what happened? Basically, I was an idiot and came back too soon after the marathon. I paced a workout the Tuesday after the marathon and raced/tempod a race 2 weeks later. I felt some soreness in my foot but didn't think much of it as I'm always stiff given the mileage I run and had already committed to the Canada Running Series to running the Toronto Waterfront 10km. I'd hit some great workouts and really wanted to go sub 31. If I'm honest looking at the results that day with guys like Kyle, Aaron and E-Bang going around 30:40, I wasn't going to do it but I ran the first 4km comfortably with Tim H. who went low 31 so that's likely where my fitness would have been, plus or minus a few seconds. Anyway, I felt something snap when I landed on my right foot at around 4km and there was a sharp pain on the next step which forced me to stop. I walked/hobbled to the elite room and took off my shoe and saw a huge bumb on the top of my foot, I showed Kate and a few people my foot and they were like, "Is that how both your feet are with a bump like that?". After I got back to St. John's I had a stress fracture diagnosed so that meant no Tely 10 which I was beyond upset about, when I looked at the results after and saw 52 minutes had won, and the guys who came 3rd, 4th, and 11th who where part of a marathon relay that didn't even run as fast as my marathon time (Which was a blow up) just made it all the worse. I had some other physical ailments going on in my endocrine system which got diagnosed when I was going for check ups on my foot which was another kick in the ass. But by August I was able to get some running in again and by late September I was doing workouts. It's incredible that your base, if you build it up over a long enough time with plenty of miles never really goes anywhere. Early this week I was able to do a 40' strait tempo at just under 5:10/mile which given the fact I was wearing a ton of extra clothing and the cold/wind I was pumped with. (I'd assume I 32:10-15 at 10km).

What's next? Well, anyone who follows me knows I'm running the full in Huston, no big goals on this one, just getting under 2:30 under control. If I come over the line in 2:29 and feel like I left 3-5 minutes out there I don't care, I just want a confidence building marathon to bridge me towards the NL record I hope to run in the spring. I believe I'm bib 29 but I'll let you know as it get's closer to race day. I'm in the Athlete Development field but they allowed me to have my bottles out and start at the front where the race tends to be top heavy and anything under 2:30 should be top 30-40. ALL the big dogs run the half which should be epic to see.

So, before I get into some random running ramblings, I just want to thank my sponsors for being understanding about the injury. They know I race a lot (I still went 6 for 6 on the road/track this year so far not including the DNF in Toronto). But it really means so much to me, and the amount of stuff you guys still sent was seriously incredible. I'm so blessed to represent these wonderful brands and am looking forward to doing the same again in 2019! :).

Speaking of sponsors/partnerships, y'all may have noticed the SUUNTO badge now on the right hand side. I'm pleased to announce being a SUUNTO athlete. Thanks Suunto and Marty for making this happen. I was always a Garmin guy and thought the high end Garmins were about the best things out there. While I definitely stand by the fact they make a tremendous product and would never discourage anyone from using them, when you get into a's just another level. I'll attach a pic below and expect a dedicated post about their units within the next couple of weeks, the Suunto 9 Baro Titanium I was sent this week is the Rolls Royce of GPS watches. Now, they do have units that start around $350-400, and they are fantastic. Marty talked to me about some of the watches to get a feel for the one I should try out first and we settled on the 9 Baro Titanium which he told me that he had shipped to Garry Robbins and he swears by it. It may seem pricey at $900 but it's worth every penny, just by feel you can tell the craftsmanship that's gone into it. Anyway, I won't talk anymore about it here, but check back and I'll do a review/impressions post about the unit.

Before I talk about what I gleaned from the pro scene this year some shout outs!! Holy crap did we see some AMAZING marathon performances this summer/fall. First, Zimak clocks a 2:20:00, then in Berlin Lindsey Tessier and Rachel Cliff ran lights out! Chi-Town saw the "sodalicious duo" of E-Bang and Kyle Wyat go 2:19:02 and 2:18:55 respectively and then STWM, this was Bananas, I wish I'd have gone just to witness these performances. Levins.....I mean enough said, Reid didn't hit his goal but he made a great step in the right direction, you know he will be back to running 2:10-12 next year. After that we had COOP!!! what a run, 2:18:00, couldn't have happened to a better guy, Captain Morgan was close behind in 2:18:2X and Taylor just behind in 2:19 and change! The women's side was a heck of a race too, Kinsey ran lights out for the national title, Leslie and Krista looked strong and as consistent as ever. Finally the wolf himself, Mr. Costen, who had an injury early in the year which had him questioning if a fall mary was in the cards proved once again his racing IQ and patience is unparalleled and flew in under the radar in Philly running a PB of 2:25, the guys clutch! Well done all, it's been inspiring.

Performances/Story lines of note this year on the pro side.

Eliud Kipchoge needs to be in the conversation for GOAT. I hate how some people simply dismiss the idea of anyone other than Bekele or Haile in the GOAT debate, Farah and Kipchoge need to be in there too. There has never, and will likely never be a marathoner who has/can duplicate the consistency and record over the marathon distance. His monk-like lifestyle and self belief make him someone people from all walks of life, not just runners should look to for inspiration!

In the same token, Mary Keitany is the best female marathoner to ever live. (Not perhaps the greatest distance runner of all time, but that debate can too be made). Paula did some amazing things, but Mary is just so damn consistent. Also, SHE HAS HAD 2 KIDS!! She's 36 and I can see her remaining dominant for another 3-4 years based on her NYC performance.

Track doesn't seem as "special" in an off year. Now don't get me wrong, I actually perfer watching track then road racing, I'm a die hard and watched every diamond league event. We were treated to some UNREAL steepling, 800m running, 1500 through 5000m. But when there is only the diamond league on the line you just don't see great performances in the same frequency. Case and point, there were only like 11 women under 32 minutes for 10000m this year, Way more road 10km's were run under that time, heck more then 11 women split a 10km in a half faster then that. On the other hand it's great to see tactics play a big role in the race outcomes so it's still entertaining but not as special.

The year of Jakob is this not more of a storyline.....when Webb ran his 3:53 high school mile it was like the second coming. Not that it wasn't impressive but it wasn't vastly more impressive then Jim Ryun years earlier. Jakob is without a doubt the most impressive kid ever at that age and I'm beyond excited to follow his career in the years to come

*The only performance I've seen that statistically speaking is more impressive then one of those Jakob produced this year is When Hagos Gebriwet ran the Paris DL 5000m in 2012 and went 12:47.5 as a JR.

The AMAZING range of Keljelcha and Hassan, I mean sit down for a second and listen to this on August 18th Yomif solos a 7:28:00 3km, on August 31st he does most of the work late before getting kicked down by a BEAST in Berega at the 5000m in Brussels running a sily fast 12:46, the next week he runs a 3:32 1500m in Zegreb, says "I need to take at least 1 weekend off of racing, then shows up in Denmark and runs a 59:17 half. That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. To that point Hassan has even better range if we are honest. In 2018 she ran 1:56 for 800m and 65:15 for the half. Say what you will about NOP....they know how to develop talent into Mo Farah type world beaters.

And lastly, Where in the world is Asbel Kiprop......? Was a suprised he popped hot? No, was I sad.....for sure. He's a character and a staple on the scene, it's a shame his legacy will be tarnished and his 3:26 questioned but it is what it is I guess.

Anyways guys, I'm getting into short story territory with this post. However, now that I'm back training, and at a high level of fitness I'll try to update every second week and for sure once a month. Everything else in life is going awesome and I'm pumped for the holidays. Follow me in IG to keep more up to date and I hope you all have a happy and safe Christmas/New Years with your friends and family! I'll leave some pics below, thanks for reading it means the world to me.

Hands up, chin down, let em' fly!

Since last time I decided to pick up an SUV for the winters/convenience of more space. Audi you make nothing but the best. (I've had this for almost 5 months now, only really starting driving it much the last month, it's got a black and brown two town interior which is cool and rare)

Suunto 9 Baro Titanium, thanks so much guys, the note was very thoughtful!

                      Sneak Peak of the 2019 Brooks Pro/Elite Kit, (filter fail, lighting was bad)

The new Brooks Levitate 2, tremendous update to an already great shoe

Fall shipment, I was just starting to get somewhat fit when this arrived which was perfect.

These puppies I couldn't use until August, they came a couple days after I got back from Toronto....."goes home devastated"

Pic of a couple Newfoundlanders at the Toronto Waterfront 10km in late June

Smith, always coming through in spring and fall with my sunnies! :)

A race I shouldn't have ran 2 weeks post Marathon which likely compromised my foot.

Locked and loaded for Huston, like I said, I think I'm bib 29 but I'll let you know when the Elite coordinator reaches out. My bud Adam Hortion will be there too, just spoke with him yesterday, dudes fit. He ran 67 at the STWM Half in late Sep.

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