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My name is David Freake, I'm 32 years old and I reside in St. John's, Newfoundland. I work full time as a technical sales representative and account manager. I'm a Brooks Running athlete and am super fortunate to be sponsored by the best running company out there. I'm also supported by Smith Optics, CEP Compression and LeanFit.

I picked up this wonderful sport in the summer of 2010 as a way to get into shape after leading a fairly sedentary university student lifestyle. The first 2 years of my running career (2010 and 2011) saw me basically just running mileage and chasing people around. In 2012 I began to read about training principals and philosophies. I became fascinated by the physiology of running and how when we stress our bodies we see adaptation. I made some decent progress in 2012 but it was really 2013 that I began training the way an athlete should. I have lofty goals in this sport, but I know that I can't rush things. So I will build upon the foundation I have and make small steps towards my long term goals in a seasonal/yearly fashion

Currently I hold personal bests of 14:56 for 5000m, 14:50 for 5km*, 24:07 for 8km, 31:07 for 10km, 51:22 for 10 miles and 1:08:47 for the half marathon.

* - 5km was split during my 8km road PB at the 2015 St. Mary's 8km

My goals for the 2019 season are to focus on speed development on the track but to also do lots of road races and set new personal bests in all the distances I compete at.

Goal times for 2019

1500m - 3:55 (I just need to run one it's been too long)
3000m - 8:29
5000m/5km - 14:29
8km - 23:59
10km - 30:29
10 miles - 50:29
Half Marathon - 1:06:52 (Our Provincial Record is 1:06:53)
Marathon - 2:24:16 (Our Provincial Record is 2:24:17)

To get in touch with me please drop me an email at dave_m56@hotmail.com

Thanks for checking out my blog.

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